Indonesia is not only known as a country rich in traditional dishes extremely shake the tongue, thousands of islands, indigenous culture, abundant natural resources, religious diversity, but is also known as a country rich in tourist areas.

Uniquely, the area of tourism in Indonesia is also known to have nicknames. The nicknames given to the areas of tourism in Indonesia are certainly not without a clear origin. By the way, what is the origin of the nickname of the area of tourism in Indonesia?

Island of Thousand TemplesIsland of Thousand Temples: Bali

The island is an outline of the target of the local and foreign tourists is very well known to the Island of Thousand Temples. Island of Thousand Temples became nicknames of Bali Island is because the average population adheres to Balinese Hinduism. Well, considering this condition is not surprising that there are many temples in Bali can be found ranging from the population in every home, in places of worship, until the tourist place.

Veranda of Mecca City: Aceh

Acehnese or Indonesian city of the zero point is dubbed as City of Veranda of Mecca. Why? No other reason for being the prime area of ​​the introduction of Islam, once the mecca of science in the archipelago, was once the base for the pilgrimage throughout the country, and so forth.

Flower City: Bandung

One of the cities which became a hit at the local and foreign tourists is very known as the Flower City. Why is that? What was the reason? This is not because in ancient times, the city is considered to be very beautiful which can be seen from the many trees and beautiful flowers are the body there.

Well, that’s some of the origins of the nickname in some areas of tourism in Indonesia. Hopefully the above information can add to your knowledge and insight.

Jinan university a2 years before, after graduating from my senior school, my parents chose to precede my training in China. Since I believed that it had been not reasonable for that first, used to do not accept their choice. That I just analyzed in China, and sibling and our cousin analyzed in German, I mentioned. Nonetheless, used to do not need to create my beautiful parents dissatisfied with me. Their choice was adopted by me and required undergraduate program at-one of the greatest and earliest public college in China, called Jinan University.

Jinan University is situated Tianhe Area, Guangzhou, Guangdong province. This public college that was built-in 1906 has several schools and colleges, such as for example: global college, university of generous artwork, reports, artwork, financial, intellectual property, technology and executive, life-science and engineering, law faculty, medical college, pharmacy university, college of humanities, plus much more.

I got university of executive and technology that complement with enthusiasm and my training history. They explained that planning course might assist me understand and adjust Mandarin properly. These were accurate. I thought better at talking Mandarin after getting planning course. Today, I’m proficient at Mandarin.

Well, if you should be interested in joining Jinan University, I highly recommend planning course to be taken by one first. Here, Lotus Mandarin should be trusted by you. This expert can help you recognize your desire to review in China quickly. For more information, click this URL.

study aSometimes, studying at dorm makes you bored because you prefer to refresh mind by listening to music, watching television, or playing games than to study, especially, if now you study in US. Thus, how to solve this problem? Actually, there are many ways that you can do to overcome this problem. Below are some of them:

Use mind map. Mind map is a method to summarize lessons that you get into interesting picture. This method is fun because you can develop your creativity.

Spend from 30 to 60 minutes to study at home every day. You will stress out fast if you study for hours directly. Besides, you should know that your brain has capacity in absorbing knowledge. This means that you will only waste time if you continue studying while your brain cannot absorb materials well. Thus, manage your time well. Make a studying schedule to manage time if needed.

Take a rest if you are bored. You can eat, watch television, or listen to favorite songs for maximum 10 minutes, so you can refresh your mind. After, you should study again.

Use all facilities to ease you to study. You can use computer or laptop and browse information on internet. If you study math, you can use calculator or math app to ease you to calculate data.

Besides, choose the right place to make you enjoy studying. Ideally, you can choose bedroom or garden. By doing these, there is no reason to be lazy to study at home.

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cut down expenseThere are lots of individuals who get economic issue after going on holiday. This is really because they spend an excessive amount of cash. Anyhow, if you want to take journey, reducing expenses as well as possible is a must, you’re highly urged to pursuing many guidelines below:

Find hotel savings. Now, there are lots of resorts that provide savings for several visitors. Make use of this offer to truly save your hard earned money. Imagine if you receive trouble to find the cost reductions? So you can reduce cost brilliantly, no need certainly to fear since the bargains can be found by you at 3rd party websites, like Bali Vacation that provides expensive offer to create you obtain the best room rate.

Discount costs when purchasing gifts. This could only be achieved in the event that you purchase gifts at conventional areas. Until you obtain the best rates it is possible to discount numerous gifts. Actually, if you’re fortunate, you could possibly get items with half prices in the unique prices. This means that you are able to save much money and reduce the dangers of having monetary issue during vacation.

Get restaurant deals. You need certainly to consider restaurant deals if you’re a culinary fan, obviously. From restaurant sites straight or 3rd party sites, such as for instance: Money-Saving Expert, Retail Me Not, Cafe, etc. Utilizing The savings you can get these special deals, you enjoy sampling several meals and can get insane cost reductions.

Keeping some cash on vacation is crucial, which means you need to do your absolute best to reduce your costs brilliantly. I really hope your holiday can operate easily and you can have some fun.

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mortgage2According to your view, is mortgage helpful for people? Confused? Mortgage is helpful when it is used to get items that have the ability to produce cash (great loan). In comparison, it’s so unbeneficial if it’s employed for individual use only, including: purchasing clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc., (negative mortgage).

Anyhow, would you want to submit an application for mortgage? If so, it’s better for you to think about unique below before performing it, so you may take excellent choice:

Loan company. Bank could be the suitable destination for use money. Nonetheless, if lender struggles to underwrite your mortgage, you’ve to find additional trusted and well known lenders. Anyway, loan is a lender’s income. That is why they work hard to persuade people to apply for loan.

Income. Do you want to borrow money for thousands of dollars or more? Whichever much cash is, you need to evaluate the quantity for your individual income, particularly if your wage isn’t excessive. As a result, you are able to calculate your capability to pay the monthly mortgage payment nicely.

Function. Think about, what’s your function to acquire money? Your objective ought to be unique and good. It’s easier to end your program since you may regret it in the course of time, If your intent is always to help your expensive lifestyle. In other-hand, if your function is always to get home or vehicle to be booked, employ mortgage or vehicle loan quickly.

Moreover, verify your overall debt. When there is debt that you don’t payoff, you must stop using for mortgage as it make you get caught in economic issue for quite a while and is only going to stress oneself.

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KrakatoaWhere’s your favorite spot in Sumatera? Well, all provinces are great for travel. I especially love Lampung because it has numerous tourist attractions to visit although I haven’t gone to all of them yet. Lampung has many beautiful beaches with panoramic view, such as Pantai Mutun, Pantai Klara, Pantai Tanjung Setia, and Pantai Hiburan Duta Wisata. Well, in this case, we are going to talk about some Lampung mountains, such as:


Krakatoa is a volcano located at Sunda Strait that separates Java and Sumatera. The eruption of Krakatoa volcano was in 1883. It was even one of the biggest eruptions in the history. Meanwhile, the Krakatoa was last erupted in 2009. After the 1927 eruption, there’s also a volcano called Anak Krakatau. The height is about 230 meters from the bottom of the sea.


Another volcano in Lampung is Rajabasa Mount. This mountain is also situated at Sunda Strait, exactly at the South Lampung. If you are from Kalianda, you ought to go on to the south about 5 kilometers. It is a part of Bukit Barisan, a range of mountains from Aceh to Lampung in Sumatera islands. The height of Rajabasa is 1.281 meters or 4.203 feet.


Pesagi Mount is the highest mountain in Lampung, 2.389 meters. It is situated at Balik Bukit, Liwa, Lampung Barat. It is my favorite mountain in Lampun because the environment is really beautiful and clean. This mountain has a history in which there was a life of Kerjaan Sekala Brak in the foot of the mountain.


mendaki gunungSecara umum, ada yang mengisi liburan itu dengan menikmati pemandangan laut atau air terjun yang sejuk, ada yang mengisi liburan dengan berbelanja, dan ada pula yang mengisi liburan dengan bermain game di rumah. Di sisi lain, ada pula yang mengisi liburan dengan hal-hal yang menantang misalnya mendaki gunung. Menurut sebagian mereka, setelah sampai di puncak gunung kepuasan batin yang tiada terkira akan pasti didapatkan.

Namun, karena kegiatan pendakian gunung cukup berbahaya, perencanaan yang matang sangat perlu dilakukan.

Persiapan kesehatan tubuh. Untuk mendaki gunung tentunya diperlukan kekuatan fisik yang prima. So, persiapkan fisik dengan sebaik-baiknya misalnya dengan lari pagi atau jogging.

Pengenalan medan. Sebelum melakukan pendakian, ada baiknya untuk mengenali medan perjalanan yang akan dilalui. Misalnya, mengenali tipe gunung, jalur resmi, sumber mata air, kondisi jalur pendakian, lokasi basecamp, dan lain sebagainya. Hal ini bertujuan agar tidak tersesat dan mempermudah ketika pendakian.

Persiapan perlengkapan. Di sisi lain, Anda pun harus melakukan persiapan perlengkapan seperti tenda, matras, jas hujan, jaket, baju ganti, P3K, makanan, minuman, atau lain sebagainya.


Air Terjun Putri Malu LampungBerangkat dari Bumi Kedaton di hari liburan pertama, kami pun langsung melaju ke Way Kanan untuk berkunjung ke Air Terjun Putri Malu. Namanya yang unik membuat saya dan keluarga penasaran dengan air terjun yang satu ini. Ngomong-ngomong, air terjun ini tepatnya terletak di kampung Juku Butu, Banjit, Way Kanan.

Sesampai di sana, kami benar-benar terkagum dengan keindahan alam sekitar dan Air Terjun Putri Malu itu sendiri. Dari ketinggian kurang lebih 80m, mengalir dengan deras mata air jernih jatuh melengkung ke bawah. Hmm, setelah mencari-cari informasi dari rakyat sekitar nyata, nama tersebut berasal dari bentuk lengkungan air tersebut seperti punggung seorang putri yang sedang mandi yang menghadap ke belakang.

Bersantai melihat air terjun yang mengalir deras di sana membuat perasaan tenang dan sejuk. Hal menarik lainnya adalah dingin dan segarnya air jika menyentuh badan. Karena kecantikannya itulah, Air Terjun Putri Malu banyak dikunjungi oleh masyarakat Lampung dan luar provinsi. Tidak heran, memang indahnya luar biasa!

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spouseDalam pernikahan, setiap pasangan pastinya saling mencintai satu sama lain hingga terbentuklah suatu ikatan. Namun, faktanya saat ini adalah banyak sekali perceraian. Jika ini sudah terjadi, di mana letak “saling mencintai” tersebut? Sedihnya lagi, penyebabnya adalah karena orang ke-3! Anda tentunya tidak mau ini terjadi pada pernikahan Anda, bukan? Oleh sebab itu, lakukan hal berikut agar pasangan Anda semakin cinta:

  • Menjaga penampilan/kecantikan. Suami pastinya akan semakin sayang pada istri yang awet muda. Jaga kecantikan Anda agar tetap terlihat cantik dan menarik di mata pasangan. Jangan sampai kerutan dan penuaan dini muncul ketika Anda baru berumur 30an. Selain itu, perhatikan juga model rambut dan berat badan Anda.
  • Miliki kepribadian yang baik. Kecantikan luar tidak cukup tanpa kecantikan dari dalam alias inner beauty. Maka dari itu, Anda harus bersikap baik terhadap pasangan agar ia selalu nyaman dan semakin mencintai Anda.
  • Memberi kejutan-kejutan. Meskipun umur semakin tua dan bukan pacaran lagi, tidak ada salahnya Anda sesekali memberi kejutan padanya di hari ulang tahun, hari jadi pernikahan, dan hari spesial lainnya.
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pacaranKamu mungkin saat ini sedang semangat-semangatnya menghilangkan jerawat atau bekas jerawat karena kamu baru saja punya pacar baru di sekolah atau kampus. Lepas dari masalah jerawat, apa sih yang membuat seseorang, termasuk kamu, tertarik untuk punya pacar teman sekampus atau bahkan sekelas? Kenapa sih bukan teman di luar kampus saja?

Alasan pertama seseorang memacari teman sekelas adalah agar tidak pernah terjerat rasa rindu. Ya, tentu saja; bagaimana mau kangen kalau bisa bertemu setiap hari? Ia bisa selalu dekat dengan pacar setiap saat. Hal ini juga akan berdampak pada semangat belajar. Selain itu, kalau ia orang yang posesif, kesempatan untuk menjaga pacarnya dari hal-hal yang berbau perselingkuhan akan lebih besar. Dengan kata lain, kesempatan pacarnya untuk berselingkuh kecil karena mudah ketahuan.

Alasan kedua yaitu karena ia telah paham siapa dan bagaimana perangai  dan hidup teman sekelas. Tidak ada masalah lagi saat kemudia ia menjadikan salah satu teman sekelasnya pacar. Si pacar akan cenderung bisa memahami dan menerima apa adanya.